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This herbal blend cleanses your scalp from impurities, dust, and dandruff to let your hair grow with a healthy clean scalp! Its effective herbs such as Amla and Cardamom makes your hair clean and clear to ensure its natural shine and strength.

About it:
This blend has a tangy twist, alongside its floral and herbal ingredients. It is light in colour, but could be darker when mixed with plant milk, water and/or hair oil. Also, its tangy aroma will almost faint once it is mixed with other ingredients like milk and oil. 

It has a muddy texture that absorbs all impurities from your scalp, including dandruff. 


Mix the powder with Almond milk and drops of oil. Apply on wet hair while showering (recommended) or on dry hair before showering. Leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with a wide tooth comb. Then shampoo your hair gently! 

For best results, apply this hair mask once a week for three months to cleanse your scalp and your hair. You’ll notice that your scalp will be clean and your hair will be well nourished and healthy. Make sure to apply JHC Purifying oil blend before the mask if you are treating your hair from dandruff or lice; or drops of JHC Nourishing hair oil after the mask to nourish your hair. 


This 100gm herbal blend protects your hair and scalp from dust, dandruff, dry/flaky/dead skin, also to get rid of fungal/bacterial inflammation without damaging your beautiful hair. For best results, apply JHC Purifying blend before this mask for an effective hair treatment.  


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