• Nourish your hair!
    Transform your hair care routine with our natural products to restore the natural strength and shine of your precious hair.
  • Let your hair breathe!
    Give your hair the time to breathe, grow, and nourish naturally away from chemical treatments or harmful extensions and heat styling.
  • Herbal Hair Masks
    100% natural hair treatments to cleanse, protect, add volume, hydrate, remove excess oil and nourish your hair.
  • Hair Oils
    100% natural hair oils blends to keep your hair nourished, hydrated, well-treated, and protected.
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  • Attractive prices

  • Fast delivery

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Nourish Your Hair

It is time to transition to natural hair care routine..
Try J Hair Care natural blends and share your experience with us!

  • 85.00 QAR

    Ghar Soap (single bar) - $23.35

  • 50.00 QAR

    Feather Hair Clip (Silver) - $13.70

  • 125.00 QAR

    JHC Clean Care - $34.34

  • 135.00 QAR

    JHC Signature Oil Blend - $36.99

  • 80.00 QAR

    JHC Organic Shampoo - $21.92

  • 30.00 QAR

    Korean Bow Hair Clip (Caramel) - $8.22

"Invest in your hair, you wear it everyday!"

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